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Welcome to 2020

What is your Vision for this Year?

I Like Camping Because...

Posted by rtownsend on Feb 10 2020 - 4:08pm

Recently, several scouts wrote down what they liked/loved about camping.

I Like Camping Because...

..I like being outside.

..its a fun experience and something new and different every time.

Scout Accounts updated Jan 2020

Posted by alawrence on Jan 15 2020 - 10:37am

Scout Accounts have been updated. Its posted under Scout Resources in the Account Balances section.

Polar Plunge

Posted by rtownsend on Jan 9 2020 - 10:04am

Helping others always feels good.  Helping others while having a blast doing it feels great.

Join us for this year's Polar Plunge.

Check out the video below for a taste of event and then visit the calendar to sign up.

Scout Law Focus of the Month: Trustworthy

Posted by rtownsend on Jan 7 2020 - 9:49am

Have you ever noticed that there are 12 points to the Scout Law and 12 months in the year?  Coincidence; probably not.

This year we will focus on a point each month.  The goal is to gain a deeper understanding that will help us truly live the Scout Law each day.

Workshop on the 6th

Posted by dsmith on Dec 28 2019 - 9:57pm

Being a teenager is both wonderful and challenging.

With a new year and 2020 vision, this is a great time to chat about how to improve physically, mentally and morally.  (get it?  2020 vision?) 

Holiday Hustle

Posted by dsmith on Nov 30 2019 - 7:56pm

We are entering the “most wonderful time of the year,” starting with a feast focused on gratitude and ending with a countdown to the new calendar. In between is a time that hopefully is joyful, reflective, and full of fun, love and memories. But it’s also incredibly busy. The holiday season is one of many times each year when hundreds of thousands of people across the country sacrifice and juggle to find time in their hectic schedules to make Scouting programs happen.